I-8 b: Director

Appx 1 Part 8 Item B: DIRECTOR

The Director is the keeper of the productions vision. He must build a vision of how the performance is supposed to be interpreted and mold the actors, sets, costumes, etc. to fit that vision. A Directors first concern is the direction of the cast. All of the Direction departments report to the Director resulting in the Director having both creative and administrative roles. The Director should rely on both his Assistant Director and Department Managers to relieve him of some of the day-to-day responsibilities. This will allow the Director to have the overall responsibility for decisions made by each of his departments, but to leave the execution of the tasks to the managers and the Assistant Director.

Reports to
” Dundas County Players Executive Committee
” The Producer

” Advertise, schedule, and attend auditions
” Assemble the cast
” Interpret the play and maintain the authors original intention; articulate the plot and characters to the cast; describe the setting; describe lighting and sound needs to the light and sound department; described costume needs to the costume department
” Take observation notes during rehearsals for discussion with the actors
” Schedule rehearsals so that they may be used most effectively.
” Resolve any issues for the departments that they cannot resolve for themselves
” Provide guidance to all the Direction departments
” Should be present at every performance or delegated to Assistant Director if need be
” Liaise with the Stage manager during performances for any problem solving

” The cast
” The rehearsal schedule
” The overall artistic impression of the play