I-8 d: Stage Manager

Appx 1 Part 8 Item D: STAGE MANAGER

The Stage manager is responsible to ensure that the theatrical production is performed as the Director intended.
During rehearsals, the Stage Manager is responsible for such tasks as: scheduling, blocking, prompting and managing rehearsal props.
During a performance, the Stage Manager becomes responsible to ensure the smooth execution of the performance taking over from the director. At this point, it is deemed that the cast no longer requires direction, but that they require management to complete their performances.

Reports to
” Director during the rehearsals

Before the show
” Attend all rehearsals
” Set up rehearsal hall prior to each rehearsal
” Prompt the actors on their lines during rehearsal (possibly delegating to a prompter)
” Prepare and maintain blocking notes
” Note all lighting and sound cues
” Take production notes in rehearsal and pass them to the appropriate Direction department manager
” Attend all production meetings and take notes
” Ensure all required rehearsal props are obtained and available for rehearsal
” Decide on the number of Crew members needed during the performance and assign individual tasks, including prop management, prompting cast members entries and exits.

During the show
” Act as liaison between green room, tech booth and Director
” Indicate what sound, lighting and other effects cues happen and when.
” Ensure that cast are in place at curtain call and during performance
” Ensure that crew members are in place and fulfilling their tasks
” Coordinate scene changes