I-8a: Producer

Appx 1 part 8 Item A: PRODUCER

The plays Producer is charged with the successful presentation of the play. He oversees all elements of the production and is responsible for bringing together all of the elements of the performance. In general, these elements are: the audience, the cast, and the theatrical setting. The Producers responsibility ends once the post production report is tabled

Reports To
” Dundas County Players Executive_Committee

Although the list of responsibilities for the Producer is extensive, it is assumed that many of the tasks will be delegated to other members of the group. This delegation, however, does not transfer the responsibility for the successful completion of the task. It is the producers responsibility to determine which tasks are large enough to require a department.

” Budget/Finance: The producer sets the budget for the play with input from the departments. The budget is then presented to the Executive Committee for approval. The producer collects all proceeds from each performance from the Front of House and remits it to the treasurer.
” Rights: The Producer must acquire the rights for performing the play and must purchase as many copies of the script as needed, including one copy for DCP library.
” Venue: The Producer is responsible for booking the venue for the rehearsal and presentation of the performance.
” Programs: Overseeing the production and distribution of the programs are the responsibility of the Producer. He should, however, consult with the Director concerning the look and feel of the program to ensure continuity with the production.
” Tickets: The Producer is responsible for the design, production and distribution of tickets. This includes: monitoring ticket sales, collecting money, and remitting it to the Treasurer.
” Publicity and Marketing: The Producer is responsible for the production and distribution of all advertising material, and other promotions such as raffles or other contests. The Producer is responsible for the design, production and distribution of posters.
” DCP Website The Producer communicates with the DCP Webmaster for advertisement of the production

” Financial report The Producer prepares a final financial report for presentation to the Executive Committee.
” Documentation to logistics committee The Producer ensures that a copy of a Production poster and other related archival documents are handed to the logistics committee for inventory and historical purposes.

” The budget